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PFD Combo Deal

PFD Combo Deal

Half Beef & Whole Hog Equivalent

Cut per your specifications. 
350 lbs. of finished product. 
Sourced from Lower 48 Cattle & Hogs.

What you get: 

This package consists of 350 lb. of finished product, cut to your preference. Listed below is what is included in this package, as well as your options for each item. 

Beef Cattle Pack (200 lb.)

Rib (Steaks or Roasts): 15 lb. 

Short Loin (T-Bone): 15 lb.

Sirloin (Top Sirloin): 8 lb.

Round (S or R): 30 lb.

Sirloin Tip (S or R): 8 lb.

Butt Tenderloin (S or R): 2 lb.

Chuck (S or R): 30 lb.

Short Ribs: 6 lb.

Brisket: 6 lb.

Trim (Burger, Stew, etc.): 50 lb. 

Whole Hog Pack (150 lb.)

Pork Loin (Chops or Roasts): 35 lb.

Pork Shoulder: 24 lb.
(Steaks, Roasts or country ribs)

Spareribs: 7 lb.

Ham: 40 lb.

Bacon: 14 lb.

Ham Hocks: 8 lb.

Trim: 22 lb. 
(Ground Pork, Breakfast Sausage, and
Italian Sausage)