If you are unable to find your shipping location using the zip code from your area, use the zip code 99654 to select "other shipping locations". Here you can list your preferred airlines and destination in the "Special Instructions" section at the end of checkout.

Custom Processing

Beef & Hogs ------------------------------- $1.25/lb.

Includes: boning, trimming, cutting, hamburger & freezing.

Steaks/roasts vacuum packed (bone-in product will be paper wrapped), hamburger poly bagged.

*Appointment required for Beef and Hog drop offs. Please call prior to your slaughter date to check for availability.


Moose, Buffalo & Elk ------------------- $1.00/lb.

Caribou, Bear, Reindeer, Musk Ox -- $1.30/lb.

Deer, Goat, Sheep ----------------------- $1.70/lb.

Includes: boning, trimming, cutting, vacuum packaging/paper wrapping & freezing.


Stew Meat -----------------------------------$.25/lb.

Cube Steaks --------------------------------$1.00/lb.

Cleaning fee ------------------------------- $.10-1.00 lb.

Boning / Trimming for Sausage only - $.85/lb.

*Price based on incoming weight-$40 min. per order.

Grinding *20 lb. minimum per order


Grinding - (No Packaging)(50 lb. min.) - $1.00/lb.

Poly Bag: ----1 lb. - $1.30/lb. ---2 lb. ---- $1.10/lb.

Beef Fat -------------------------------------- $2.99/lb.

Pork Fat ---------------------------------------$3.29/lb.

Pork 50/50 Trim ---------------------------- $3.29/lb.

Bacon ----------------------------------------- $6.59/lb.


Smoking (incoming weight) ------------ $2.60/lb.

Slicing Bacon & Vacuum Seal ------- $15 per slab.

Ham Steaks -------------------------------- $1.00/lb.

*Hogs processed in house will be charged $1.60/lb. for smoking.

*Bone in products will be in film wrapped; sliced bacon will be vacuum packaged.

Vacuum Packaging

Vacuum Packaging ---------------------------- $1.20/lb.

Vacuum Packaging Raw Links -------------- $1.35/lb.

Raw Sausage

*Prices are based on finished weight    

*Gain/Loss % is approximate, 20lb minimum. 

Breakfast Sausage (50% gain)

Poly Bag:       1# - $2.89/lb.     2# - $2.59/lb.

Italian Sausage (50% gain)

Poly Bag:          1# - $3.09/lb.        2# - $2.79/lb.

Links:   Bulk - $3.69/lb.    Packaged - $4.99/lb.

Chorizo Sausage (50% gain)

Poly Bag:         1# - $3.29/lb.        2# - $2.99/lb.

Links:   Bulk - $3.99/lb.    Packaged - $5.29/lb.

Bratwurst (50% gain)

             Bulk - $3.99/lb.    Packaged - $5.29/lb.

Jalapeno/Cheese Bratwurst (60% gain)

              Bulk - $4.49/lb.   Packaged - $5.79/lb.

Bacon Bratwurst (50% gain)

              Bulk - $4.69/lb.   Packaged - $5.99/lb.

Blueberry Bacon Bangers (60% gain)

              Bulk - $4.89/lb.   Packaged - $6.19/lb.

*Spicy Breakfast or Italian Sausage: +$.25/lb.

Smoked Sausage

*Prices are based on finished weight

*Gain/Loss % is approximate, 20 lb minimum. 

Hot Dogs (50% gain) -------------------------- $4.29/lb.

    Jalapeno/Cheese (60% gain) ------------ $4.99/lb.

Louisiana Hot Links (50% gain) ------------ $4.79/lb.

Polish Sausage (30% gain) ------------------ $3.99/lb.

    Hot --------------------------------------------- $4.24/lb.

Polish Cheezer (50% gain) ------------------- $4.79/lb.

Summer Sausage (40% gain) --------------- $3.49/lb.

     Jalapeno/Cheese (50% gain) ----------- $3.99/lb.

Pepper Stick (30% gain) --------------------- $5.99/lb.

Teriyaki Stick (30% gain) -------------------- $5.99/lb.

Fire Stick (30% gain) -------------------------- $6.25/lb.

Pepperoni Stick (30% gain) ----------------- $5.99/lb.

     Hot -------------------------------------------- $6.49/lb.

Game Bacon (50% gain) --------------------- $5.49/lb.

Liverwurst (300% gain)(no minimum) ---- $4.49/lb. 

Tips For You...

  • Turnaround time for bone-in game meat is approximately 1-3 weeks. 

  • Please give ALL instructions at the time meat is dropped off. Meat without instructions will be given a standard cut and wrap. We will not guarantee changes that are called in later. 

  • PLEASE DO NOT CALL TO CHECK ON YOUR MEAT. We process hundreds of orders and will be faithful to call you when yours is ready. Multiple phone calls delay our ability to finish your game in a timely manner. 

  • SHIPPING ORDERS: Please advise when you leave your game meat if your order is to be shipped. We use FedEx for shipments to the Lower 48. Shipping within Alaska can be done by Northern Air Cargo, Everts Air Cargo, or Alaska Airlines. Meat is boxed in Styrofoam insulated boxes. Cost for the boxes will be added to your processing fees.

*Fed Ex charges on average: $2.50-4.50/lb. 

All sausage is processed in 150 lb batches. We do NOT accept ANY boneless meat with dirt, hair, rutty smell, bloodshot, sinew, etc. Mat Valley Meats guarantees only the best quality product to all our customers. We think you will agree that your game sausage is the best there is.  

Tips to help… 

  • Keep your meat cool, dry, and clean in the field. Good tasting meat requites diligence after the shots are fired. Do not store meat in plastic bags. Meat that has not been properly cared for will not be accepted. 

  • If your bone-in meat is dirty or hairy you will be asked to clean it before you leave it with us or take it to another shop for processing. 

  • If ribs are dried out, bloodshot, or dirty we will not cut short ribs. 

  • As a matter of routine, meat is returned to you boneless. All animals are different. Expect a minimum 40% loss of weight in processing if meat is clean and free of bloodshot.

*Rush orders are discouraged; however, we will try to accommodate your deadline.  If rush processing is required there may be an extra charge. 

*Orders are processed in the order that they come in. Do not age your meat and bring it in when it is ready to cut. 

Dropoff Times:

Monday-Saturday: 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.