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Delta Junction Grain Finished Beef - Half

Delta Junction Grain Finished Beef - Half

$7.50/lb Cut and Wrapped! Click product picture for more information.



Located in Delta Junction, Alaska, Misty Mountain Farms has been serving the Valley community with their well-marbled, grass-fed, and grain-finished beef for over a decade. Each cut is carefully raised and nurtured, resulting in tender, succulent beef that bursts with exceptional taste.  

Pre-order Now for $250!

Average weight: 330 lb.

Total cost with average weight: $2475 (estimated price)

Price includes Cutting, Grinding, and Packaging.

We will contact you 1-3 days after your order is placed to collect cutting instructions.

Current wait time: 1 month 

What you get:
Final weight: 60-65% of hanging weight (increases if bones, organs, and fat are kept) 

Steaks and Roasts (approx. 2/3 of final weight)
Chuck: Steak, Roast, or Both
Brisket: Brisket, Stew, or Burger/Trim
Prime Rib: Steak, Roast, or Both
Short Ribs: Thin cut, Thick cut, or Burger/Trim
Short Loin: T-Bone Steak or New York Steak and Tenderloin 
Sirloin: Steak or Burger/Trim 
Tri-Tip: Steak, Roast, or Burger/Trim 
Flank/Flap/Skirt: Steak or Burger/Trim
Round: Steak, Roast, or Both
Sirloin Tip: Steak, Roast or Both 
Organs/Bones/Fat: Save all, Save organs only, Save bones only, Save fat only

Trim (approx. 1/3 of final weight)
Stew meat (15 lb. max)
Custom grinds/sausages 

*Beef can be made into any sausage listed in the custom processing menu excluding bacon and liverwurst. 

*20 lb. minimum per custom grind/sausage excluding burger.