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Elsberry Farms - Whole Hog

Elsberry Farms - Whole Hog

$5.29/lb Cut and Wrapped! Click product picture for more information.



Elsberry Farms, your go-to source for exceptional pork in Alaska. Known for their commitment to quality, Elsberry Farms provides well-marbled pork that will elevate your culinary creations to new heights. With a focus on flavor and excellence, their pork offerings are sure to impress every pallete.

Pre-order Now for $250!

Average weight: 210 lb.

Total cost with average weight: $1100.90 (estimated price) 

Price includes Cutting, Grinding, Smoking, and Packaging.

We will contact you 1-3 days after your pre-order to collect cutting instructions.

What you get:
Final weight: approximately 65-70% of hanging weight (increases if bones, organs, and fat are kept) 

Steaks/Roasts/Smoked Items (approx. 2/3 of final weight)
Loin: Chops, Roast, or Both 
Spareribs: Keep or Trim
Shoulder: Steak, Roast, Country Style Ribs, or All three
Ham: Whole, Half, or Steaks
Bacon: Medium, Thick, or Slab
Ham Hocks: Smoke or Trim

Trim (approx. 1/3 of final weight)
Ground Pork 
Breakfast Sausage ($2.89/lb.) or Italian Sausage ($3.09/lb.) 

Bones/Organs/Fat: Keep all, Keep organs only, Keep bones only, Keep fat only

*If you would like baby back ribs, your loin roasts will have to be cut boneless.