Frequently Asked Questions   


Q: Are your meats local?

 A: There is not an abundance of locally raised livestock in Alaska. Our meat generally comes from Washington and Oregon. We have started carrying All Natural Alaska Grown Beef, Pork, and the occasional Elk and Buffal and look forward to bringinf in more quality Alaska-Grown products as the year progresses.


Q: Do you process game to make sausages?

 A: We do! We make 14 different kind of sausages, of the quality that you will find no where else. Bring in your clean meat to be made into the finest sausage in all of Alaska.


Q: Do I get my own meat back?

 A: Yes, you do. We give you all of your fresh items back. Steaks, Roasts, Hamburger, Sreakfast Sausage, Italian Sausage, Bratwurst are all fresh items. We take pride in our smoked sausages, and good sausage takes time to make. We are unable to make small batches of smoked sausage, so all smoked sausage meat is mixed, and made in 100 to 300 lb. batches. WE ONLY USE GOOD, CLEAN, MEAT IN OUR SAUSAGES. Sour, dirty, rutty meat will be rejected at check-in. If you insist on getting your own meat back in smoked sausage form, we require that you provide 100# for a batch.


Q: Is there a minimum amount I have to bring in?

 A: Yes. If we are processing an animal, you will be charged by the pound. We have a minimum charge of $35 for processing. All sausages, and meat grinds are a 20 pound minimum per item.


Q: Do I need an appointment to drop off meat or fish?

A: No, we accept meat and fish during our normal business hours all year long.


Q: How long does it take to get meat or fish back?

A: Normally, we try to finish up sausages or fish smoking in one week or less. However, during heavy periods this may take longer. The period right after moose season is the worst, with up to 3 weeks delay due to the tremendous amount that we are dealing with. It is our goal to always provide the quickest possible service.


Q: Can I reserve a spot for my moose, so I don’t get turned away?

A: We operate on a first come, first served basis. We are able to accept most meat during a game season. No

appointment is necessary.

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