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Fillets or Steak plus Vacuum pack and freezing  $2.00 lb

Vacuum pack and freeze only  $1.40 lb 

$20 Minimum Charge





Mat Valley Meats only accepts for processing seafood that has been properly cared for.  Here are some pointers to help you to get the best out of your catch:

  • Carry ice with you.  As with any perishable product, temperature is always important.
  • If you can, bleed the fish.  This is done by cutting the gills loose. This will insure that you are getting the best possible flavor from the meat.
  • As soon as you can, gut the fish and pack the cavity with ice.
  • Get the fish to the processor as quickly as possible.
  • If you are not good at filleting, have a professional do it for you.  This makes a big difference in the final product.

If you just need your catch vacuum packed, or you would like us to smoke, store and ship, we know you will not find better quality or service than you will at Mat Valley Meats.  Good luck, and good fishing.


PLEASE DO NOT CALL TO CHECK ON YOUR FISH.  We process hundreds of orders and will be faithful to call you when yours is ready.  Multiple phone calls delay our ability to finish your order in a timely manner.




Rush orders are discouraged; however, we will try to accommodate your deadline.  If rush processing is required there may be an extra charge.


Orders are processed in the order that they come in.





Smoked (kippered)      $4.59 lb.

20 lb minimum on incoming weight - includes Vacuum Packing


Add Flavoring:   $.75 lb - Cajun, Creole, Pepper, Lemon Pepper


Salmon Strips (Salmon Candy)  $5.99 lb.

20 lb minimum on incoming weight - includes Vacuum Packing


Smoked prices assumes fillets are ready for smoking. We will fillet for $1.00 lb.




We will store your finished order for 4 days after which  you will be charged $7.00 per box, per day.
We will pack & ship your order to anywhere you wish.  Ask for prices.











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