AK Grown All Natural Beef

Alaska Grown Sides/Whole Beef

Alaska Grown, Grass Fed & Barely Finished, Hormone, Antibiotic, and Steroid Free Black Angus Beef.
$4.99lb Hanging Weight
Includes cutting and wrapping per your specifications

Want to just try it?

We offer “try it packs” weighing between 55-75# for $7.99lb
items will be pre cut and packaged

Packages consist of:
3 pkgs 3-43 Chuck Roast
1 pkg 3-4# Prime Rib
2 pkgs of 2ea T Bones
2 pkgs of 2ea Top Sirloin Steaks
2 pkgs of 2ea Round Steaks
1 pkg 3-4# Round Roast
1 pkg 2-3# Sirloin Tip Roast
1 pkg 3ea Short Ribs
15-18# Burger