AK Grown All Natural Hogs

Alaska Grown, All Natural, Hormone, Antibiotic and Steroid Free Hogs
Sides and Whole Hogs
$3.99lb Hanging Weight
Price includes cutting & wrapping per your specifications.
Smoking of Hams & Bellies and slicing of Bacon

Want to just try it?

We offer “Try It Packs” of 35-40# pre cut and packaged at $4.99lb

Packages Consist of:
7-8 pkgs 2ea Pork Chops
1 pkg Pork Roast
1 pkg 2ea pork Steak
1 pkg Country Style Ribs
1 pkg Spareribs
1 pkg 1/2 Bone In Smoked Ham
1 pkg Ham Steak
2 pkg 1# Pork Sausage
1 pkg 1# Italian Sausage
1 pkg Bratwurst
1 pkg Cheese Bratwurst
1 pkg Ham Hocks
4-5 pkg Thick Cut Bacon