Custom Game Processing

Custom Game Processing

$7 per box, per day storage fee for meat left 4 days or more. 

All meats left more than 30 days becomes the property of
Mat Valley Meats. 



Beef above 500# ———– $ .8lb
Beef and Hogs below 500# ——–  $ .9lb
Moose, Buffalo, Elk,——————$1.25 lb.
Caribou, Bear, Reindeer  —–—– $1.40 lb.
Deer, Goat, Sheep  ——————— $1.80 lb.
Cleaning fee ———————-—–$.10-1.00 lb.
Includes: boning, trimming, cutting, hamburger & freezing. Steaks/roasts vacuum packed (no bone-in product will be vacuum packed), hamburger poly bagged. 

Additional charge of $ .25 lb if stew meat is more than 20% of animal.  Meat coming in pre-packaged will be charged an additional $.50 lb for unwrapping.
Boning / Trimming for Sausage only .75 lb.
*Price based on incoming weight-$40 min. per order 


                      *20 lb. minimum per order
     Grinding  (No Packaging) (50 lb. min.).75 lb.
     Poly Bag 1lb pack  1.10 lb. —-lb  .90 lb.
    Beef Fat —– 2.59lb. Pork 50/50 Trim $2.79 lb 


             *Ham, Bacon, Turkey, Chicken, Etc.
Smoking (incoming weight) ———2.00 lb
Slicing Bacon & Vacuum Seal $15 per slab 

Ham Steaks———————-——-$1.00 lb
Hogs processed in house will be charged $1.40lb. Bone in products will be in film wrap; sliced bacon will be vacuum packaged. 


Vaccum Packaging ————————–1.00 lb.
Vacuum Packaging Raw Links ————1.25 lb. 


*Prices are based on finished weight
Gain/Loss % is approximate, 20lb minimum 

Breakfast Sausage (50% gain)  (poly bag) 
1# 2.5lb       2# $2.4lb 

Italian Sausage (50% gain)  (poly Bag)       
1# 2.7lb         2# 2.6lb   Links (bulk) 3.69 lb.   

Chorizo Sausage (50%  gain)
-Poly Bag   2.89 lb.    – Links (bulk)  3.6lb 

Bratwurst (50% gain) (Bulk)    ——-—-3.4lb 


*Breakfast and Italian sausage can be made hot for an additional .25 per pound 

*Jalapeno and/or cheese can be added to bratwurst for an additional .50 per pound 

*Italian links, Chorizo links, and Bratwurst can be vacuum packaged for 1.25 per pound. 


 *Prices are based on finished weight
Gain/Loss % is approximate, 20 lb minimum 


Hot Dogs (50% gain  ) ——-—————-3.89 lb. 
Jalapeno/Cheese Hot Dogs (60% gain)    4.39 lb.
Louisiana Hot Links(50% gain)  ————-3.99 lb.
Polish Sausage (30% gain)  ———————3.69 lb.
Hot   —————————-3.84 lb
Polish Cheezer (50% gain)      —————–4.2lb
Summer Sausage (40% gain)       ————3.29 lb. 

Jalapeno Summer Sausage (40% gain)  ——3.8lb
Pepper Stick (30% gain)       ——————5.69 lb.
Teriyaki Stick (30% gain)      —————5.69 lb.
Fire Stick (30% gain)      ——————–5.9lb 

Pepperoni Stick   (30% gain)——————–5.6lb 

Game Bacon   (50% gain) ———————–4.99 lb 

Liverwurst (300% gain) — No minimum   3.99 lb.